Who am I?

Hello! My name is Alejandro Sanchez and I am the founder and Chief Experience Officer behind Journyfy. After helping numerous people in their professional career journey and going myself through several career changes with lots of ups and downs, I've learned how hard finding an impactful, challenging and fulfilling path is. I've experienced first hand how cumbersome and unintuitive the job search process is; have started several companies and learned from failures more than from successes; have worked and led mission driven organizations that lose their way to meet funder needs instead of community needs; and have worked at tech startups in software that convince themselves they are customer centric when they are product, engineering or sales focused. My passion is to build lasting and meaningful human relations and coach people towards self fulfillment.

On a personal note, I am from Colombia, a beautiful and diverse country located in the north of South America. And while I've lived in the US for almost 15 years and consider this my country and love it, I carry with me that latino, positive and community loving energy instilled from my birthplace. Now, my home is in North Carolina where I live with my wife and two boys with whom I enjoy traveling, hiking and camping. I play a few musical instruments and love to explore that creative side once in a while as well.

Why me?

For individuals looking for help in their professional career search, I can tell you I have first hand experience helping many professionals, in business, understand what they are good at through positive coaching and deep diving into their experiences. Whatever your need is, I'll go deep and walk the journey with you with the help of great tools, some mine and some from outstanding leaders out there.

For mission driven organizations, I bring a theoretical background in social entrepreneurship (SE) from my MBA at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke, that can help set frameworks to clarify the journey. I also have a practical background with experience gained while working in several mission driven organizations, being part of non profit boards, and also building my own social enterprise. My focus is to help you find a community and beneficiary driven journey where your organization can realize it's mission and generate true and lasting impact .

For small and starting tech entrepreneurs, usually focused on building a functional product and finding a market, I can help you understand how to be more customer centric throughout your operations and develop an outstanding customer experience to increase product adoption, retention and renewal. I have experience working directly in a couple tech startups as well as advising a few others in the areas of Customer Success and Customer Experience.

What can you expect from me?

I'll be the first to tell you that I am no expert. There are many things about the topics of individual, professional and organization journey exploration that I still have to learn. So I don't claim to know it all and therefore my goal is not to come and solve all your problems. Rather, I have a few tools, experiences and skills as well as a very positive and inquisitive attitude, that can help you open your eyes and identify what's missing to get to where you want.

I will be honest with you, direct, very transparent and engaged. I will focus first on you and your needs. And I will go as deep as I can to uncover any potential barriers and challenges stopping you from accomplishing your goals. I'll treat you professionally and will deliver on any commitment and promises I make.

If you think I can help you, fill the form below to tell me a bit more about yourself and your specific needs and I'll follow up with next steps. You can also go through our tools and see if there is anything there that can help you get started in your journey.